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Blue Clover Vodka will engulf your palate. It is truly a handcrafted spirit with the right hint of sweetness. Blue Clover Vodka has an extremely smooth and clean finish. This vodka is distilled from gluten free corn. The water used is from a specialized reverse osmosis system that gives it the taste of the fresh waters of the Pacific Northwest. It then passes through a high-quality charcoal filter and left to rest, giving it the perfect tone. This spirit is smooth enough to sip for those who like it neat. Others will find it to be the perfect mix for a crafted cocktail. 



Blue Clover Gin is a premium handcrafted modern gin. Drawing inspiration from the American Southwest, Blue Clover’s main botanicals are Blood Orange, Rose and Peach. Our multi-stage process gives way to a distinctly delicate, floral and fresh Gin. In line with our forward-thinking principles, our unique floral notes come through naturally, always leaving you with our signature smooth and clean finish. This makes our Gin perfectly drinkable neat, with ice or in your favorite

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About Us​

Blue Clover Distillery is the 1st micro-distillery in Old Town Scottsdale in history. We deliver premium, handcrafted spirits that are distilled and manufactured on-site. We are corn-based and gluten free!


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Welcome to Blue Clover Distillery, where tradition meets innovation. We're excited to announce that our journey continues with a new name and a bold new vision under One Handsome Bastard.


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Join us at https://onehandsomebastard.com - Your destination for the finest in micro-distilled excellence.

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